10 Best Free Games For Android TV Box 2019

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We bring you a list of Top 10 best free games for Android TV box. In the list, you can find all kinds of games, from platforms to driving titles, and from some survival horror with zombies to skateboard games. We have sorted the games orderly instead of making any kind of preference list. More often, all the listed games are completely the best free games for Android TV box.

#1 Asphalt 8: Airborne

It is one of the most popular racing games of recent years on Android, and now available on Android TV. You can play it with the remote control of your Android TV device. Although the experience is best with a Bluetooth controller to have better control. The graphics are good and the speed is frantic and works well on the big screen. There is a ninth version of the Asphalt saga, but as of now, it is not yet available for Android TV. So, we include the eighth version as a representative.

#2 Badland

A very popular game for those who like those who think and test their reflexes. It has minimalist graphics, but they still look good on the TV. You can play it with both a Bluetooth controller and the Android TV remote control. So, it serves as both a casual game and one that makes you spend more hours.

As for the game, it is like a mix of Flappy Bird. In that, you have to press to make it fly with Lemmings. Your mission is to arrive with your character at the end of the screen by jumping obstacles. During the journey, you can multiply, and with the obstacles you will lose characters … so you have to try to get some left.

#3 Beach Buggy Racing

A fireproof classic in driving games. It is a casual game without too realistic physics, and that puts the fun above all. It’s Mario Kart type, which means that you can pick up power-ups along the way to gain momentary powers, weapons or defenses.


#4 BombSquad

One can enjoy this game only when they connect peripherals to Android TV. The best of them being a keyboard to squeeze it to the fullest. Your mission will be simple, to eliminate all rival characters by punching them, causing them to fall off the platforms or dropping bombs.

It has several game modes, from a player to a multiplayer. It is based on mini-games, ranging from bomb hockey to slow combat in slow motion, through classics such as capturing the flag. But, I really enjoy this game with my cousins.


#5 Crashlands

Crashlands puts us in the role of a space truck driver who has just landed on an unknown planet. Our first objective is to create a small shelter with objects that we collect around us. And once we have settled, we will have to start exploring around us to get more materials and find creatures of all kinds. Some will help us and many others will try to kill us.

Like survival games, inventory is usually one of our first limitations. In Crashlands this does not happen since our trunk is unlimited. So, we can carry all the objects we need on top of it without having to discard things to make space.

#6 Dead trigger 2

This is a first-person survival horror, in which you have to face a zombie apocalypse. Yes, this is cool. One can play this game via Android TV remote control or Bluetooth devices. For the rest, it has a good graphics section and open-world maps.

You will start with two basic weapons and surrounded by the walking dead. And you will have to make your way to earn money with which to improve your weapons and equipment. There will be blood, action and crazy gore in abundance. The game is very much alive and is receiving periodic updates with which they add more content.

#7 Crush Your Enemies!

A turn-based strategy game with 8-bit graphics that try to flip the tortilla. It takes you to a fantasy world with knights, princesses, and elves. But who you control is the army of foul-mouthed barbarians who will try to invade it. It has a story that will be seen during the game and a lot of carefree fun.

The game has what you can expect from a turn-based strategy title. Different types of units, resources to manage and capture enemy territories. So that you deploy your tactics on a board facing your opponent.


#8 Orbia

A small and good game in which you throw a character up and has to overcome obstacles to reach the goal. It has colorful graphics, hundreds of levels, various characters, and multiplayer mode. You can play it directly with the remote control of your Android TV.


#9 Snowboard Party: World Tour

If you like snow, this game will interest you. You can play it only at home or challenge opponents through the Internet with its online mode. Its control system is customizable, and you can learn up to 50 tricks with which to create dozens and dozens of different combinations.

image credit 3rd party

This title offers you 21 tracks located in different parts of the world. There is a possibility to customize your equipment and to improve your character’s board. As you play you will gain an experience that you can then use to improve features. Of course, there are tracks with different types of competition. I like this game much.


#10 Unkilled 2.0

Last but not least. Unkilled 2.0 boasts of offering incredible graphics, with detailed models, textures, reflections, shadows and particle simulation. It also boasts in its control with its intuitive playability and with its automatic shooting system.

image credit: 3rd party

This has hundreds of missions full of enemies and final bosses. During its history, we can get more than fifty weapons. The game is Free-to-Play, we can find integrated purchases to acquire special weapons and more energy with real money. If we run out of energy, we just have to wait for it to recharge, as times goes on, we can get weapons and coins.

These are the best free games for Android TV box which are very popular and highly excited. I hope you guys like this.







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