20 Weird $ex Laws Around the World

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20 Weird Sex Laws Around the World: Every country has its own view of sex. In some countries, there is great generosity in terms of sex rules, in many countries this rule is very strict. But in many countries, there are also very strange poor rules about sex. Here we will tell you about 20 such strange rules of sex-related to sex around the world.

1. In Colombia’s Cali, women have to have sex with their husbands for the first time after the marriage, in the presence of their mother.

2. In Guam, located in the western Pacific Ocean of America, the full-time job of men is to visit the whole state and dissolve virginity of virgin women. Young men give money to give them the first sex experience of life. This is because virgin girls do not get married here.

3. In Wisconsin’s Conyersville, when the woman is close to orgasm, it is illegal for a man to fire a gun.

4. In a state of Washington, it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with a virgin under any circumstances. This includes honeymooners too.

5. If there is masturbating in Indonesia, there is a provision for the punishment of the head pen.

6. For men doctors in Bahrain, it is legal to see the reproductive organs during a medical examination, but they can not see the genital organs directly. Male doctor, woman’s genital organs

7. In Alexandria of Minneapolis, it is illegal to have sex with a woman in the presence of a male sardine fish.

8. In Lebanon, if a man is caught in sex with a male animal, he may be sentenced to death. But if there is a female animal in place of the male, then there is no provision for any kind of punishment.

9. In Florida, it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with a Porcupine animal.

10. Sex with animals is recognized in Washington, provided the weight of the animal is more than 40 pounds.

11. Sex is illegal in a person with a mother and a daughter in Santacruz of Bolivia.

12. In Bozman of Montana, there is a ban on all kinds of sex activities in the courtyard of the house after sunset under a law.

13. Sex in a condom without a condom is a legal offense.

14. Launching lights in Virginia are prohibited for sex.

15. Oral sex is illegal in 18 countries, including Arizona.

16. In many Middle East countries, Islamic law has come to be seen, according to which if one has sex with a sheep, then he has to eat sheep meat as a punishment.

17. Women’s topless sales can work in Liverpool, England, but not only in the fish store but also in other places.

18. In Ohio’s Oxford province, it is illegal for a woman to wear clothes in front of a man’s picture.

19. Keeping two dildos (gender-sized sex toys) in a home in Arizona province is illegal, while more than six in Texas.

20. In the Georgia province of America, all types of sex toys are prohibited like India. But you will be surprised to know that sex toys are legal in Nepal and in the name of Sweet secret in Kathmandu, sex toy shop is also open. From where you can buy your favorite sex toys.

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