Chanakya policy – If you have these 4 things in you then you can become a good leader and successful person

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Chanakya policy for good leadership: – In the Chanakya policy, before the Awadh chapter, four qualities are mentioned in the verses that are in a successful person or a good leader. These qualities are not learned, but they are born in certain people only. With whose influence there is a success in every work In today’s time jobs and business or any other area also get success due to these qualities.

Verses of Chanakya policy
Dignity and Favors Fondness of Consciousness
Abhayasan Nahya bhayante Chattar: Sahaj multiplied by .1.

Be in charge
Donation is in the nature of a person, donating any person cannot be taught. This habit is inside the person so nobody can be taught to donate.
Decision-making ability
No person can ever be taught to make decisions. The person who makes the right decision at the right time gets success in his life.

Have patience
Patience is considered to be the best quality of man. Maintaining your patience in a difficult time, man gets out of bad times, but patients cannot be taught, this quality happens only with the birth of a person.
Sweet talk
Sweet talk is also considered one of the best qualities of a person, this quality is also in the nature of man, it is never taught to speak sweetly to anybody.

Who was Acharya Chanakya?

Acharya is an important place in Chanakya in the history of India. At one time when India was divided into small states and foreign rulers, Sikander had reached the Indian border to attack India, Chanakya had protected India from its policies. Chanakya, on the basis of his efforts and his policies, made a general child Chandragupta the emperor of India, which later became known as Chandragupta Maurya and created an unbroken India.

Pataliputra (currently Patna) was the capital of Magadha in the very powerful state of Chanakya. At that time was the kingdom of Nandavans and Raja was Dhananand. Some people even call this king Mahanand. Once Mahananda had insulted Chanakya in a meeting held and Acharya converted Chandragupta into warfare to take revenge of this insult. With the help of Chandragupta, Chanakya attacked Magadha and defeated Mahanand.

The policies of Acharya Chanakya are very useful to us today. Any person who abides by the policies achieves success in all the amenities and works in life.

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