Get Rid Of Depression: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression

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Stress and anxiety are the two main reasons which not only affect the physical aspect of our body but also causes mental disbalance and finally leads to depression. Depression often is the result of unfavorable events of life that are hard to avoid. Depression is a killer and has ruined many lives.

CAUSE OF DEPRESSION: Get Rid Of Depression: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression

Sorrow, grief, sadness are all part of our life, many times we all come across circumstances that are unfavorable and unavoidable. These circumstances often lead to stress and unhappiness which can last for hours or even days. But when the sorrow and grief becomes a part of our life, the end result is always depression.
In some cases, it is observed that the causes of depression are post-pregnancy side-effects, genetic disorder, over-thinking,  alcohol addiction and other drugs, long-term disease, loneliness, family and relationship dispute etc.


There is no clinical test to determine the cause or even depression itself. Behavioral changes are the main indicator which helps in determination. According to researches low serotonin levels in the brain leads to depression. Symptoms of depression vary from person to person, some of the common signs are:
1. Urge to live alone.
2. The mind gets struck with negative thoughts that are hard to get rid of.
3. Feels like weeping all alone.
4. Loss of interest in favorite activities.
5. Lack of concentration and low energy level.
6. Loss of appetite.
7. Often associated with thoughts of suicide.


1. STAY ACTIVE: Often person suffering sounds lazy and lacks energy. Easy and simple activities seem challenging and tough. The best way to deal with depression is to keep the body active and to do so regular exercise and yoga practice is recommended. It helps to release good hormones like serotonin and testosterone which stabilizes the body and mind. It also helps to prevent depressive thoughts.
2. DO NOT THINK OF PAST: Regretting the past mistakes can completely trap us in the clutches of depression. As the past is not under our control, it’s useless to think over it. Instead of thinking about the past, we should focus on the future ahead of us.
3. CONNECT OT FRIENDS: Company of good and caring friends always makes us feel cheerful and happy. If we have someone to share our feelings and discuss the problems we feel light-hearted and relaxed. On the other hand, we should also avoid people who are unfair and cunning because such people always spread negativity.
4. SLEEP WELL: A good and sound sleep is very essential for a relaxed mind and active body. Proper sleep boosts us with positive energy, recent studies have shown that people who sleep for about 7-8 hours tend to have fewer symptoms of stress and anxiety.
5. DEVELOPE NEW HOBBIES: Learning new things keep us busy and engaged. When we have unused time, our mind indulges in useless thinking and several thoughts come across us. Learning makes us more skilled and creative, with a creative and calm mind we can avoid negativity to boost the healing process.


I hope this article makes you more aware of the causes, symptoms and harmful effects of depression. This article is intended to explain each and every aspect of depression in the most simple manner possible. If you find this article helpful, please do share it to help your friends, family, and others.


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