Jurassic World 3: The Trio Of-first Jurassic Park Is Back

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Colin Trevorrow, director of the first Jurassic World, takes over the shooting of the third and final part of this new trilogy. The director, interviewed by Collider, announced that actress Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neill will be back for the next film. The trio is reunited.

Since 1993, the first Jurassic Park won more than billions of dollars at the box office, becoming the sixth most profitable film in the history of cinema. No one knows how these characters will be introduced in the film, but according to Colin Trevorrow, they will play key roles.

Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) who, from the first part of Jurassic Park, did not want to return to the island of dinosaurs … here it is served … and for the third time! As a reminder, he was one of the main protagonists in the first Jurassic Park, as well as the third installment of Joe Johnston.

Never two without three as they say. Jeff Goldblum, aka Malcolm in the film, also signed for the second installment, Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Laura Dern, playing the role of Dr. Ellie Sattler in the first installment had made a brief appearance in the third film. The actress had said she liked her role and she could not refuse to take it back. The actress came to meet her fans to express her joy.


image credit: 3rd party

Colin Treverrow released an eight-minute short film on September 16 titled Battle at Big Rock, keeping the atmosphere of the Jurassic world. The most interesting thing in this short film is the tension that emerges and the film is nervous. The spectators who were a little disappointed by the first two Jurassic World could well, to the vision of the short film, to be reconciled with the saga! ” As we have mentioned. The Jurassic adventure continues on June 9, 2021, at the cinema.


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