Liver : Functions And Remedies To Healthy Liver.

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Today’s busy life makes it very difficult for us to take care of our health. To live a healthy life, it is very important for us to keep all our organs healthy. The liver is one the most essential organ of the body that people often ignore and it is very important for us to keep it healthy and by ignoring it we risk our lives. The organ controls many of our body actions. It is located in the upper right-hand portion of the abdominal cavity. It is dark and reddish in color and carries out multiple functions.

Let us recall some of its key functions:

  1. The liver plays a very vital role in keeping blood sugar levels balanced in our body.
  2. It helps in resisting infection by strengthening our immune system and eliminates harmful bacteria present in the blood.
  3. It stores many essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, iron, copper, vitamin A & D.
  4. It converts glycogen to glucose to raise blood glucose to a normal level.
  5. It eliminates harmful chemicals from the blood and cleanses it.

Lets us know 5 ways to keep our liver healthy:

Liver: Functions And Remedies To Healthy Liver.



A pleasant sleep is very necessary for keeping our body healthy. If we do not sleep well, we can face much physical and mental disorder. Lack of sleep in our body cause laziness and irritability. It affects the organ of our body and reduces its ability to work. It is an extremely important organ in our body and performs over 400 functions to keep our body healthy. Lack of sleep does not allow our liver to work properly and weakens it. Therefore to keep our liver healthier, we must take 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.


Obesity is the primary cause of many life-threatening diseases nowadays. Due to a hectic lifestyle and lack of time, we mostly depend on fast foods and junk foods which causes obesity. Increasing weight can be lethal for our liver which is the most important organ and we would not stay alive without it. A balanced diet can help us fight obesity and keep our liver healthy. A balanced diet consists of a wide variety of food in adequate proportions. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in carbohydrates and drinking lots of water can be a good example of a balanced diet.


Balanced weight is very important for a healthy body. Obesity increases the risk of many health problems including heart diseases, liver failure, diabetes, etc. Food containing high calories, carbohydrates, and sugar is responsible for increasing body weight. The risk of fatty liver diseases in obese people is much higher than people with balanced weight. Fatty liver is caused due to building up of fat in the liver. To avoid fatty liver, it is very important to control body weight. Balanced weight can help to make life healthy.


If you have a habit of smoking cigarette, it’s recommended to quit this habit as soon as possible because there is a deep connection between smoking and liver disease. Smoking induces chemical toxins in our blood. These toxins affect the liver and also increases the risk of liver cancer. So leave the habit of smoking and take care of your liver’s health.


Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause liver failure. However, it can handle a certain amount of alcohol at given times. Drinking more alcohol leads to liver damage as well as other health issues. Consuming alcohol in excess quantity may cause the destruction of liver cells which can lead to liver inflammation, alcoholic hepatitis. Inflammation may further develop into cirrhosis which is a life-threatening disease. If we limit alcohol intake, we can avoid alcoholic liver disease.

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