Sex Education: Basic Tips To Safer Sex Life

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Sex has been the origin of the human race. A healthy sex life is the symbol of a successful love life. Today couples want to explore each and every aspect of sex to gain maximum results in terms of pleasure, satisfaction, and peace of mind. But often lack sex education among couples expose them to various sex-related health problems which ruin their life. Safe sex is equally important as compared to pleasure and satisfaction. Safe sex should be our first priority.

Sex Education: Basic Tips To Safer Sex Life

Basic tips to follow to a safe and healthy sex life:

⦁ Urinate before and after having sex.
⦁ Drink at least 8-10 glass of water every day.
⦁ Peeing before going to bed is a good habit, don’t suppress the urge to pee.
⦁ Don’t use condoms which use spermicides in form of creams, gels, etc.
⦁ Keep genital areas clean, use sanitary napkins during periods.
⦁ Avoid intercourse during periods. It helps to avoid STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease).
⦁ Use Vaginal Lubricant and ask partners to use lubricated condoms.
⦁ In case of genital irritation, avoid intercourse and seek professional help.
⦁ Avoid sex poses that cause pain during intercourse.
⦁ Seek medication if suffering from STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease).
⦁ Don’t consume alcohol or any other intoxicating stuff before sex. This may give extra joy but in the long run, it becomes a habit and you might be unable to perform well if you are sober.
⦁ Avoid drinking water before sex, drinking water just before sex may cause you to ejaculate early.
⦁ Drink water 15-20 minutes after sex, if not done so, you might catch a cough and cold and it can even lead to poor performance in bed.
⦁ Food should be consumed at least 2 hours before sex, when we eat something blood flows to conduct digestion of the consumed food, sex requires blood to flow toward sex organ and thus leads to improper digestion.
⦁ A disciplined lifestyle is a key to health and happiness, regular exercise, yoga, proper sleep, a balanced diet and plenty of water are very essential for a healthy body and a calm mind.

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