Sharing some of the Top Quotes of LIFE’s

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Sharing some of the Top Quotes of LIFE’s
 1- “Even while selecting a chair we try many out, then why not when selecting a life partner”
2- “Don’t say yourself everything is Ok when it is not. Life is not only about Ok, but it’s also about tears too”.
3- “You may have met and known 100 of people, but if I say you to name 5 of them, whom you can trust right now, you will fail, that’s life.. try it out”
4- “Why take the difficulty road when you have the easier one which is simply easy?”.
5- “Sometimes flying to Goa might bring you good results instead of New York…sometimes its better to lose in a battle if it teaches you more than winning”.
6- “Don’t put all your expectations only on one person, as that person is already burdened with their own expectations from life .. create different bookshelves for different emotions”.
7- “You are not a failure in life just because you scored 0 in Maths, come on you have to believe… life is bigger than that”
8- “You can always forgive others and even love a new person… Life is not stopping dear”.
9- “Life is not about winning, you need to even fall to see what the bottom looks like, only to rise again”.
10- “As we grow old, the number of friends in our list decreases and it’s perfectly fine… All you need is at least 4 people in your life and importantly afterlife too”.
11- “You deserve to be happy above all”.

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