A motivational story for those students who didn’t get good marks in CBSE exam class 10th & 12th

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Nowadays the 10th and 12th class results are coming. Parents of children who score 95% are proudly putting their names and photo. Many friends have shared glorious points with their sons and daughters in the CBSE board examination – but which parents would not be proud of the remarkable success of their children? Will not their chest widen? Very much congratulations to such successful children and their parents.

But what of those children who scored 62%, their parents have nothing to boast of? Such students and students who can not bring good marks in this exam – cannot be satisfied with the expectations and aspirations of their parents – they will surely be disappointed and desperate – they may also face different types of tactics. Be it – this post is for such students and parents.


It’s a matter of 1987. Athletics World Championships were going on in Rome city of Rome. Kashmeera Singh was representing India in the 1500m race. In the 1500 meter race, there are four rotational rounds of the track. That is a total of 300 meters in the first round and a total of 1200 meters in the remaining 3 rounds.
The race started … .. ..Kashmeera Singh started the race as soon as the race started. More than 40 sprinters were running on the track. But Kashmiri Singh was at the forefront. Commentator said … ..India’s Athlete is leading the front …

Kashmeera Singh went on to the fore till the 3rd round. But the commentator did not have any impressions with this race. He used to keep an eye on any two other runners running behind.
However, the fourth and last round started. A runner came forward, ahead of Kashmeera Singh. And after that Kashmere Singh was lost in that crowd and never seen again. Later, when we saw the Record Book, we found out that Kashmiri Singh is standing 38th out of 40.

It does not matter if you are ahead in the first round or not in the race for life The difference is that who reached the finish line first. In that race, Abdi Bile of Somalia reached the finish line first and she won the Gold Medal.
Name is Abdi Bile’s name in history and not Kashmiri Singh’s.
Friends .. … .but the barely first round of the life of the Marathon race has been completed. First of all, who will not know about the finishing line. In the beginning, it was not necessary that very fast racer.

At the forefront, it will come which will be patient. Who will run without defeat? Those whose eyes will be focused on the goal.
It is not necessary to win There is also fun to complete the race.
Often 60% win in the race of life
Keep running for this Do not stop …….
And one last request that you do not compare your children to anyone else …
Because every child is Unique, Wonderful, Incredible.
Jai Hind

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